White Plains, N.Y. (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

The Society of Movie and Tv Engineers (SMPTE), the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and innovation industries, today revealed that the 2014 NAB Reveals Technology Top on Cinema: The Future of Activity Imaging and Sound (TSC), produced in partnership with SMPTE, will provide an in-depth global view of the present state and future of filmmaking development.

. As the innovation that drives the motion-imaging industry develops, SMPTEs function as a standards developer puts it squarely in the midst of the most current developments, stated Pat Griffis, education vice head of state at SMPTE. Area on the Societys special function in the market, the TSC offers NAB Program attendees a remarkable chance to learn through the leading-edge creatives, engineers, and technologists who are forming the road ahead.

. Over the weekend of April 5-6, the 2014 TSC at NAB Program will bring together an unique cross-section of the most experienced, visionary, and ingenious engineering and innovative minds to talk about leading-edge innovations and concerns that will specify the next generation of the movie-going experience.

. The very first day will include presentations and a question-and-answer session on the human vision system and the potential impact of improved movement images, followed by the discussion of case studies documenting cutting edge workflows for TELEVISION and motion-picture postproduction.

. Chris Cookson, who has actually served in senior innovation executive functions at Sony Pictures and Detector Bros. and is commonly thought about a technical visionary in the market, will take a look ahead with his TSC keynote, Cinema: Act 2, The Future. This discussion will continue through a succeeding roundtable discussion moderated by Michael Karagosian and will consist of Matt Cowan, primary engineer, Entertainment Innovation Consultants; Rob Hummel, president, Group 47; and Howard Lukk, vice head of state of manufacturing innovation at The Walt Disney Studios.

. From Electronic camera to Consumer the New Post Production will take a look at both a film and a TV workflow to understand the effect of the new world of postproduction. Panelists will consist of Michael Cioni, CEO at Light Iron; Phil Squyres, senior vice head of state of technical operations at Sony Pictures Tv; and Leon Silverman, general manager, Digital Studio, at The Walt Disney Studios.

. Presentations on the production and implementation of brand-new SMPTE standards, consisting of the Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) requirement, will be followed by a summary and live demo of the laser-illuminated projector innovation now being deployed in movie theater installations.

. On day 2 of the TSC, sessions will concentrate on distributive imagination in the post environment; on exactly how new technologies are being used to improve storytelling; and on capturing and producing a high dynamic variety (HDR) cinema experience. In the latter session, speakers, consisting of the creative team from the brief Telescope, will talk about the visual improvements possible with extended dynamic range, as well as their effect on the innovative process.

. The TSC will showcase a session on Gravity, which earned seven Oscar awards, consisting of finest visual effects, sound editing, and cinematography. Taking part in the session will be Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki; Harry Bardak, CG sequence manager for Gravity; and Steven J. Scott, senior supervising digital colorist. They will be signed up with by moderator David Cohen of Variety magazine.

. A second-screen panel hosted by Disneys Annie Chang will feature an interactive appearance at the Disney Second Display Live: The Problem Prior to Christmas iPad app created to enhance the viewing experience on the major screen. (The iPad v5.1+ app is available on iTunes.) A two-part Searching in the Crystal Ball session will cap off the conference. Session leaders will initially examine the introduction of an incorporated experience of sound and image, and then supply an enticing peek into how films could be photographed and shown utilizing brand-new methods that appear wonderful by todays standards.

. Added details and registration for the TSC are readily available online at More details about SMPTE is offered online at


# # # . About the Society of Activity Photo and Tv Engineers (SMPTE) . The Oscar and Emmy Award-winning Society of Movement Picture and Tv Engineers (SMPTE), a professional membership association, is the renowned leader in the advancement of the art, science, and craft of the image, sound, and metadata ecosystem worldwide. A worldwide acknowledged and recognized company, SMPTE advances moving-imagery education and engineering throughout the communications, technology, media, and entertainment markets. Given that its founding in 1916, SMPTE has actually published the SMPTE Activity Imaging Journal and established even more than 650 requirements, recommended practices, and engineering standards. The Society is sustained by more than 6,000 members motion-imaging executives, engineers, innovative and innovation specialists, analysts, scientists, teachers, and students who fulfill in Sections throughout the world. Info on joining SMPTE is offered at . All hallmarks appearing herein are the home of their respective owners. . . . .

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Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2013

ReZolt Corporation today launched the WiTrak(TM) tracker with WiBuoy Innovation to satisfy the special requirements of the multimodal passive asset management market.

. WiTrak, utilizing ReZolts exclusive long-life wireless beaconing WiBuoy Technology, is developed to track discrete passive possessions such as shipping containers, truck trailers, railcars and heavy field equipment. Made to operate on batteries for a number of years, it incorporates GPS for location, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi for network connection, and an optional 433 MHz interface for external sensors including an electronic lock.

. Multimodal Passive Possession Management or M-PAM is the next frontier in M2M with tens of millions of passive possessions trying to find an option. Multimodal in M-PAM goes beyond the mode of transport. Modes likewise consist of different property states such as moving or stationery, secured or open, and sensor states connected to temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. ReZolt is the leading solution company for M-PAM with WiTrack and WiBuoy Technology.

. Passive possessions, including shipping containers, truck trailers, railcars and heavy equipment in construction, farming, forestry and oil and gas are generally unpowered, unobservable and unmanaged, and present one-of-a-kind challenges for tracking their location and condition. Monitoring and management technology should be self-powered and withstand severe ecological conditions. To decrease service costs, tracking technology must offer battery life exceeding a year and itself be from another location managed, preserved and upgraded.

. WiBuoy Innovation includes fine-grained, programmable power management that integrates and optimizes complicated behavior of a number of hardware and software elements consisting of interaction gadgets, sensors, processors and batteries. This innovation is embedded in WiTrak through ReZolt MultiComms(TM) Software application. ReZolt likewise offers custom variations of the WiTrak gadget with ReZolt FirstM(TM) Solutions.

. Fleet management items installed inside the cabin of a car are not suitable for M-PAM, as they require constant DC power (not multimodal). Passive tagging innovations can not provide near-continuous monitoring and require the deployment of an external infrastructure along the whole trail of the property.

. WiTrak includes an easy-to-implement and adjustable user interface to a cloud server. It is instantly readily available with Nexus Cloud Service from ReZolt partner Seecontrol, Inc.

. We are happy to work with ReZolt and utilize the WiTrak gadget with WiBuoy Innovation to build Container Monitoring Solutions” said Parthesh Shastri, VP Marketing at SeeControl, Inc.” WiTrak from ReZolt provides a functional platform that enables us to easily integrate into and build applications tailored to individual requirements.

. WiBuoy Technology as the first M-PAM option addresses distinct troubles related to tracking passive properties with long battery life and a wireless sensor interface, stated Vijay Parmar, Head of state and CEO of ReZolt Corporation. System integrators in shipping, logistics and transport now have access to an end-to-end M-PAM solution that would allow them to decrease operating expense, increase operational efficiency and revenue.

. WiTrak Characteristics: . GPS-based location monitoring capability . GSM/GPRS for extremely readily available network connection (roadmap to CDMA and 3G) . Wi-Fi for reduced power and low cost network connectivity . Temperature level sensor . Accelerometer made use of to sense movement and shock . Battery-powered with external power choice . ReZolt MultiComms Software application allows fast development of customized applications . Ruggedized IP-67 compliant enclosures for the main system and the antenna unit . Optional 433 MHz interface for external sensors

Accessibility . WiTrak is available now for field trials and prototyping with manufacturing in early 2013.

. About ReZolt . ReZolt Corporation offers solutions to rapidly deploy M2M/IoT connectivity to handle passive assets and their contents. ReZolt technology enables reduced power, multi-protocol, multi-sensor wireless connection for Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine interactions. Our solutions allow fast and cost-effective product development and deployment of wise gadgets in logistics, transportation, clinical gadgets, and industrial/building automation. . ReZolt is based in Sunnyvale, California.

. Media Contact: . +1 408-647-3399 . info(at)ReZolt(dot)com


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Nobles Medical Technologies II Receives US Patent for Suturing and Method for its NobleStitch Technology

Fountain Valley, California (PRWEB) September 13, 2013

Nobles Medical Technologies II today revealed that it has gotten another US Patent for its NobleStitch Technology. The patent is for the Device and Approach of our suturing technology. This patent shows the broad coverage of our technique as used throughout the entire body and all biological tissue.

. Prof. Dr. Anthony Nobles, CEO of NMT2 and co-inventor on the released patent commented, Intellectual home is one of the most valuable properties we have, in the clinical device sector patents represent among the biggest dimensions of the value of the business. This patent carrys broad coverage for all our applications for our innovation and is a critical piece of our profile.

. Ben Brosch, President of NMT2 and co-inventor on the issued patent commented, We strive to safeguard our developments with strong patents that assist us safeguard our technology. We continually submit brand-new patents and have actually grown an extensive portfolio of patents and trademarks adding value to our business and its shareholders.

. About Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) . A PFO is a passage that exists between the left and right atrium of the heart. The tunnel, which is part of the normal fetal anatomy, need to close shortly after birth. In 27 % of the population the passage never closes. This passage can then enable clots and other chemicals to pass from the right to the left side of the heart easily bypassing the filter of the lungs. These clots and chemicals can trigger strokes and various other conditions such as severe migraines.

. About the NobleStitch EL System . Nobles Medical Technologies II’s NobleStitch EL is a catheter based system that permits a doctor to put a stitch in the PFO passage in the heart with a percutaneous slit in the leg, oftentimes under an anesthetic in a catheter lab in lieu of an operating room. This eliminates the need for open-heart surgery or placement of a large metallic implant in the heart. The NobleStitch is not a gadget or mechanical implant it only places an easy polypropylene stitch in the heart. By closing the hole or PFO, the treatment will decrease or eliminate the shunting from the right to the left side of the heart allowing the lungs to filter the embolisms and other chemicals from making it to the brain, potentially stopping strokes and extreme migraine headaches and allowing patients to live a higher-quality life.

. About Nobles Medical Technologies II . Nobles Medical Technologies II is an international structural heart company dedicated to enhancing life through the development of its products and innovations. Nobles Medical Technologies II is concentrated on suture based solutions for the septum. The NobleStitch is readily available in Europe and is undergoing and IRB study for certain indicator in the US. The NobleStitch has CE mark for Cardiovascular suturing and PFO closure and US FDA 510k clearance for vascular suturing

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