Fathom Announces New Solar Fountain Line

Santa Fe, Texas (PRWEB) April 20, 2014

For years, Fathom has actually supplied locals of Santa Fe and the bigger Galveston County location with a vast selection of fountains that are both useful and impressive. The company continues its winning streak by revealing the release of its newest collection of fountains. With 100 percent solar energy, there’s no requirement to plug in any of these gadgets for electricity.

. One of the current additions is the Entwined Dolphins Hybrid, which may be among Fathom’s many ambitious creations so far. This 20-piece fountain comprises 3 dolphins interwoven, gushing out water in 3 various directions. Weighing even more than 7,800 pounds, the Entwined Dolphins fountain retails for $ 27,950 with the side spills, and $ 24,995 without it. Consumers can select from 23 finishes, which include tuscan sienna, aged iron, yard stone, bronze patina, trevia greystone, ivory, and any of the nine Relic variants.

. For people who wish to brighten up their courtyards, there’s the Falling Diamonds Corner. A 637-pound piece of architecture, the Falling Diamonds Corner looks like it came straight out of the Middle Ages, with a waterfall and spillovers produced from its looming arch. The Falling Diamonds Corner is offered in 21 surfaces.

. Fathom’s most recent line likewise includes choices that are a lot cheaper. Sporting an antique white or oiled bronze finish, the 2 Tier Solar Fountainwhich goes for around $ 300is best for a patio, deck, yard or balcony. It has a peak water capability of 2.5 gallons, and runs with either solar or battery technology. There’s also the four-tier cascading ceramic fountain, which has a swirl design which includes recycling water from the main bowl tank. Clients can choose between a lime green, green swirl or rustic blue surface; and they cost around $ 170. Smaller options are available with a pair of bowl-shaped glazed ceramic fountains. Each feature water pouring down to the bowl from a frog’s mouth. Readily available in blue or green, customers can acquire the Ceramic Frog Solar Fountain for around $ 120.

. About Fathom Fountains: . Fathom Fountains is a producer and seller of custom-made indoor and outdoor fountains. Clients can select from a range of designs or products, that include acrylic, copper, indoor slate, and steel. Fathom likewise offers the experts who set up the fountains at the designated areas or rooms. The company is headquartered at 13038 Fourth Street, Santa Fe, TX 77510. To read more or to position an order, Fathom can be reached by dialing 1-855-4-FOUNTAINS (1-855-436-8682).


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PSS Store Acquires BollardGard Product Line from INNOPLAST Inc.

(PRWEB) January 18, 2014

PSS Store, a leading service provider of domestic and industrial access control systems, has actually simply revealed that they are expanding their product offerings with a new line of bollard covers. The company has noted that the addition of bollard sleeves was a rational choice for PSS Shop due to the truth that numerous of their clients protect their security financial investments with bollard posts.

. PSS Shop just recently acquired the BollardGard line of bollard sleeves from INNOPLAST Inc. For nearly a decade INNOPLAST has actually specialized in the manufacture of bollards in addition to many lines of protective covers for security equipment. The business produces their bollard covers making use of ingenious polymer products which contain 25 % recycled items and are 100 % recyclable themselves. The BollardGard line is highly considereded one of the very best bollard cover alternatives on the marketplace today.

. PSS Shop has a credibility for offering only the highest quality items, and the BollardGuard line was among their top choices since of its exceptional performance and functions. The bollard sleeves are likewise made in the UNITED STATE, like many of PSS Stores other security items. Backed by a few of the very best warranties in the industry, PSS Store is confident that the BollardGard line will be a huge player in assisting the business to broaden their item offerings.


. The most notable features of BollardGard bollard sleeves consist of: .
. 6 different color options to select from personalized colors offered upon request . Available in 7×52 or 4×52 sizes . Can be made use of both indoors and outdoors . Built making use of 1/8″ thick high density polyethylene .
UV stable . Durable 3M reflective tape improves security and presence of bollards . 5-year warranty against fading and breaking

The BollardGard line also uses the patented GripperTabs installation system. The system makes installment of the bollard sleeves quicker and the gripper tabs help to secure the covers more securely in place. Must a user have a non-standard size post the tabs can be changed with foam strips at no extra expense.

. To get more information about PSS Stores brand-new line of bollard sleeves, go to the item page.

. About Border Security Systems Store

. Boundary Security Systems (PSS) Establishment focuses on supplying high-end access control systems for businesses, houses and commercial areas. After 40 years of installing, repairing and offering security gate equipment in Southern California PSS Store has become renowneded within the market as a trusted resource and now serves clients all over the country. The business works directly with top makers to provide the finest items at the finest price possible.


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Outwater Introduces Its New and Updated Line of Cable-Rail Railings & Fittings

Bogota, NJ (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Now readily available in three different cable diameters with matching floor or fascia mounted posts, Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] is pleased to provide Cable-Rail Railings & & Fittings, an inexpensive and easy to order and simple to install prefabricated cable assembly system that can be made use of to change regular, out-of-date, view impeding metal and wood railing pickets.

. Appropriate for use indoors or out in domestic or commercial applications, Cable-Rail now includes your option of 1/8-in., 3/16-in. or-in. diameter, high strength, weather condition invulnerable type 316 stainless steel cable, which, when utilized in combination with the supplied trademarked additional automatic locking stainless quick-connect SS fittings and peripheral hardware, can either be horizontally threaded and correctly tensioned with the holes of the systems appealing and sensibly priced matching prefabricated floor and fascia mounted posts, thus simplifying setups and negating the need for welding, or can also be utilized with various other brands or formats of new or existing wood, aluminum or steel railing frames. In any case, whether you were to make use of Cable-Rails complementary posts or other kinds of configurations, the end result is an essentially unnoticeable, perceptibly open railing system that is not only extremely long lasting and appealing, however one that permits for beautiful, unimpaired views.

. Cable-Rail is sold in a broad range of basic precut lengths from 5-ft. to 80-ft. in increments of 5-ft. along with a broad assortment of accessories to accommodate practically any kind of installment, and can be trimmed to certain completed measurements in the field, making it an ideal choice for fences, trellises, handrails and balustrading, not to mention, a large range of various other architectural and ADA applications.

. Cable-Rail Product Emphasizes:

. Now readily available in three cable television diameters

. 1/8-in. Requirement Assemblies . The most popular and expense effective alternative . Perfect for all residential and light industrial projects . Can be installed on wood or metal frames

3/16-in. Requirement Assemblies . An additional durable alternative for domestic and industrial settings . Can be installed on wood or metal railing frames

1/4-in. Requirement Assemblies . The largest, most durable option for highly trafficked commercial places . Also terrific for railing designs in which the look of a larger, more substantial cable television is wanted . Advised for metal railing frames just

Prefabricated Floor and Fascia Mounted Posts . Suitable for use as Anchor Posts, Center Posts, Stair Center Posts and Receiver Cable television Posts . Rail heights provided at 36-in. and 42-in. . Made of 316 Stainless Steel with a satin finish

Stainless Quick-Connect SS Fittings . Assist in quicker and much easier to develop Cable-Rail tasks by enabling installers to rapidly connect the Cable-Rails cable televisions as preferred with its trademarked automatic locking fittings

Cable Assembly Care & & Upkeep . With basic regular upkeep, which entails occasionally washing the stainless steel cable televisions and fittings with warm soap and water, and inspecting and adjusting the cable television assemblies from time to time as essential, the safety chromium oxide movie on the surface area of the stainless steel offers exceptional deterioration resistance together with excellent radiance, strength and toughness that can remain beautiful and completely functional for several years to come, even when exposed to marine environments, polluted surroundings, salted motorways or other possibly destructive aspects.

For more item details, please click the enclosed links:

. Link # 1: Cable-Rail Standard Cable Assemblies + 3 Available Cable Diameters

. Link # 2: Cable-Rail Components & & Elements + Steps for Setting up the Standard Cable System

. Link # 3: Cable-Rail Care & & Maintenance

. Link # 4: Cable-Rail: Ways to Order

. Link # 5: Cable-Rail: The best ways to Order (Continued)

. Link # 6: Cable-Rail: The best ways to Select Your Railings & & Fittings . Link # 7: Cable-Rail: Prefabricated Floor Mount Posts .

Link # 8: Cable-Rail: Prefabricated Fascia Mount Posts

. About Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC]: Outwater can be contacted Toll Free at 1-800-631-8375 (For sales and item info in the USA & & Canada) / 1-201-498-8750 (For sales and item info beyond the USA & & Canada) or viewed online at http://www.outwater.com. . From the vendor


a single product in August 1972, Outwater, with sales and distribution facilities in New Jersey and Arizona, is acknowledged today as a well established international manufacturer and stocking distributor of even more than 65,000 standard and cutting-edge component products needed by woodworkers, cabinet and furnishings manufacturers, contractors, remodelers, designers, architects, point-of-purchase and display fixturing manufacturers, OEM’s, as well as a varied variety of other industrial and retail end users.

. Significant Item Categories consist of Plastic & & Aluminum Extrusions; Lighting and Lighting Accessories; Furniture, Cabinet & & Establishment Component Elements; Knobs & & Pulls; Casters; Fasteners; Laminates; The FOGA Exhibit & & Display Buckling System; The Klem Port; Literature Displays; Slatwall; Indication Holders; P.O.P Parts; Display Motors & & Turntables; Pedestals; Injection Molded Components; Brass Tubing & & Fittings; Surfacing Materials; Interior & & Exterior Polymer & & Wood Architectural Mouldings & & Millwork; ORAC DECORATION and DEM Architectural Mouldings & & Millwork; Columns & & Capitals; Balustrading; Wrought Iron Parts; Decorative Stamped Steel & & Polymer Ceiling Panels; Wainscoting; Wall Coverings; Fireplace Surrounds; Plastic “Glass” Block; Duration & & Contemporary Hardware; Kitchen area & & Bath Add-on; Kitchen & & Bath Kitchen cabinetry and Vanities and so much more.


Contact: . Joey Shimm, Director of Marketing . Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC . -LRB-201-RRB- 498-8750 . ### .



CP Toys Releases New Line of Educational Toys

Grandview, MO (PRWEB) August 14, 2013

CP Toys – With back-to-school period looking its head around the edge, education is in the air. Many educators will be preparing class and lesson plans to best inform young, brand-new minds. To go along with the spirit of this period, CP Toys has released an entirely new line of products of educational toys included in their online toy shop. Aaron Chai, VP of the United States Toy Business Group states, “CP Toys realizes that discovering never stops, and we believe that when kids leave the class, their learning ought to continue in your home in their play time.” Below are simply a few of the featured new instructional toys:

. Alphabet Alligator This all-wood puzzle includes an alligator with 26 removable, knobbed pieces that will just fit back in proper alphabetical order. Under each piece is the matching lowercase letter. This alligator puzzle makes learning the upper and lower case alphabet fun for young minds!

. Kid Rhythm Band Instruments This set includes 4 different rhythm based instruments. These instruments are designed for the comfort of young hands and the growth of young minds! Developing music at a very early age is a variation of open-ended play which can enhance a kids creativity and creativity.

. Preschool Zoo Building Blocks This set has every little thing youngsters have to make their extremely own zoo. It includes animals, and LEGO figures, and versatile vines for the apes to swing on. This toy is also designed to be utilized with the LEGO DUPLO blocks. LEGO play has been shown to enhance kids problem solving skills as well as enhance creativity and motor skill development.

. Goldilocks Shape Arranging Residence With this sorting residence, children enhance their understanding of shapes and colors by matching the bears to their appropriate home entrance, and they make use of the included colored secrets to open their doors. Young children will have a blast enjoying with Goldilocks and her shorting home!

. Geometric Shape Puzzles With these puzzles, children find out to develop 3-D designs with the wooden blocks. They can be utilized to create the puzzles in the trays, or they can branch off and develop their own 3-D structures using the blocks. Kids will discover direction following abilities as well as improve their creativity and creativity with open-ended play!

. As the children are preparing to head back to the classroom this semester, bear in mind that they wont just learn at college! These are simply a few of the educational toys that can improve their play time and help them to find out when they originate from the classroom.

. About CP Toys

. CP Toys by Constructive Playthings provides the finest toys to assist a child grow by impressive imagination, discovering and household enjoyable. From the almost 60 year heritage of Constructive Playthings serving the very early childhood education market, CP Toys was officially launched in 2011 to bring the exact same dedication to high quality educational play based discovering to the home.

. CP Toys is a branch of U.S. Toy Company.


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