Dahn Yoga Monthly Health Series Focuses on Myeongmun Meridian Point for Strengthening Life Force

Gilbert, AZ (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Dahn Yoga creator, Ilchi Lee developed a mind body training system integrating facets of Oriental Medication, including meridians and meridian points. Dahn Yoga & & Wellness Centers, Inc., a national leader in wellness and wellness, continues this custom and offer greater understanding of the bodys 365 meridian points in their monthly health series.

. The December 2013 concern of Dahn Yoga Life shares how the meridian point, Myeongmun can be boosted for higher health and vigor. Touching on exactly how and why this meridian point can have a substantial effect on kidney health, the post relates the energy concept of Water Up, Fire Down, which it specifies, is the main to ideal energy balance in our bodies.

. Through in-depth written description and picture revealing the physical area of this crucial meridian point, the article Myeongmun: Gate of Life, in the Dahn Yoga wellness series provides guidelines on performing 3 training methods to open and strengthen the Myeongmun; Activate this vital energy indicate reinforce your life force and enhance internal body organ wellness.

. For those thinking about discovering more about meridian points, back issues of Dahn Yoga Life, including previous posts in the series, are available online. Site visitors to the site can enroll in complimentary newsletter updates and details on Dahn Yoga advantages and the Dahn Yoga area.

. About Dahn Yoga: . A nationwide leader in health and health, Dahn Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea that incorporates stretching, streaming movement, deep breathing exercises and reflection in an easy and simple to learn format that focuses on the development of the bodys core strength as the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Dahn Yoga practice includes an unique emphasis on the brain as the determiner of health and wellness and classes could consist of brain workouts that challenge and sharpen the mind and assistance practitioners establish greater awareness and level of sensitivity to the wellness of their bodies


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