Cambridge Engineered Solutions Debuts Innovative Longer-Lasting Conveyor Belt

Cambridge, Maryland (PRWEB) November 19, 2013

Cambridge Engineered Solutions, a division of Cambridge International, today unveiled DURAFLEX EDGE, the next generation of open metal conveyor belting for chicken and food makers. This patent-pending product showcases an innovative clinched edge design that has actually shown with rigorous screening to be the strongest and most resilient belt on the marketplace.

. According to head engineer and project designer Skip Messick, When checked against a rivals flexstyle belt, DURAFLEX EDGE lasted approximately 39 times longer without distortion, breakage, or metal hits, making it best for a wide range of food processing applications.

. The revolutionary new item represents the next generation of metal conveyor belting. The clinched design edge minimizes damage and damages while almost getting rid of all potential for metal hits and product contamination. The patent-pending EDGE technology flexes with a real hinge in both directions, eliminating rubbing and metal tiredness and ensuring proper tracking.

. We worked closely with our consumers to enhance upon the popular DURAFLEX belt, said Larry Windsor, Director of Sales and Organisation Development, adding this new innovation gets rid of manufacturing problems a few of our food customers were experiencing by enhancing belt life, minimizing downtime and improving production operations.

. DURAFLEX EDGE leverages the advantageous characteristics of its predecessor consisting of an easy 30-second splicing time to reduce maintenance and replacement time, and is easy to cleanse with enhanced holding ability and tighter transfer ability. It is the most open metal belt readily available that does not jeopardize belt strength and manages heavier lots than common lightduty conveyor belts.

. Cambridge has been a world leader in the metal wire market for over 100 years due to the fact that we are continuously working to improve products and procedures for our clients, stated Tracy Tyler, CEO. DURAFLEX EDGE demonstrates our teams commitment to engineering solutions that not just fix issues, however help our clients take their operations to the next level.

. To learn more on patentpending DURAFLEX EDGE metal conveyor belting, call 1-877-649-7492 or see . About Cambridge Engineered Solutions .

Cambridge Engineered Solutions is
the worlds biggest metal conveyor belting and wire fabric maker and is built on the foundation of comprehending belts, conveyor systems, and the procedures that use them. For over a century, Cambridge has developed dynamic options, reinventing market automation and plant operations. With over 15 unique product lines and over 50 patents, our group of devoted engineers and professionals continually design new approaches to make lines run smoother, quicker, and handle even more item weight. . . . . . More Metal Press Releases


Chicopee, MA (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

Guardair Corporations Lazer Palm Switch Security Air Weapon Kit is a winner of the 2013 Pro Tool Development Awards by Pro Device Reviews (PTR). Recognized as one of the most Cutting-edge Air Compressor Device in the Pneumatic Tools Classification, the patented Lazer Palm Switch showcases an advanced ergonomic design that provides comfort, availability, and adaptability, while delivering maximum cleaning power.

. Guardair focuses on cutting-edge item development to attend to convenience, employee security and efficiency, and our Lazer Palm Switch is a direct outcome of this focus, specifies Eric Mills, Vice President of Sales at Guardair. The Pro Device Advancement Award judges agree. We didnt understand you might innovate an air weapon, but we were wrongthe ergonomics of the Palm Switch are a marked enhancement over the thumb-only designs of more traditional items. Any tool that can lower hand tiredness is excellent in our book. To review more, go to:!.?.! . Featuring a contoured grip, combined with a padded, convenience trigger, the Lazer Palm Switch Security Air Weapon optimizes driver convenience by reducing hand tiredness. Rugged, all-metal building provides years of service and the incorporated hanging-hook offers simple storage and retrieval. Interchangeable devices, including OSHA certified nozzles and extensions, deliver optimal cleaning power for a large range of applications. Designed and put together in the UNITED STATE. . Full kit consists of: . Lazer Palm Switch Safety Air Gun with FNPT inlet . Standard Venturi Nozzle .

Booster Venturi Nozzle .

Rubber Idea Nozzle . 3 Venturi Extension .
6 Venturi Extension . NPT Male Industrial Interchange Port About Pro Tool Reviews .
PTR is an online device testimonial magazine written by electricians, plumbing technicians, carpenters,

, masons, and general service providers. PTR reviews are composed by specialists, for professionals. For extra details, please go to . About Guardair Corporation . Guardair Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of security air guns, syphon spray guns, pressed air-powered vacuums, and pneumatic devices.

Established over 60 years back, Guardair products are offered through a substantial, across the country and international network of industrial distributors and dealerships. Guardair products are made to take full advantage of driver comfort, performance, and safety. To learn more call 1-800-GUARDAIR or check out . . . . . More Metal Press Releases