Fathom Announces New Solar Fountain Line

Santa Fe, Texas (PRWEB) April 20, 2014

For years, Fathom has actually supplied locals of Santa Fe and the bigger Galveston County location with a vast selection of fountains that are both useful and impressive. The company continues its winning streak by revealing the release of its newest collection of fountains. With 100 percent solar energy, there’s no requirement to plug in any of these gadgets for electricity.

. One of the current additions is the Entwined Dolphins Hybrid, which may be among Fathom’s many ambitious creations so far. This 20-piece fountain comprises 3 dolphins interwoven, gushing out water in 3 various directions. Weighing even more than 7,800 pounds, the Entwined Dolphins fountain retails for $ 27,950 with the side spills, and $ 24,995 without it. Consumers can select from 23 finishes, which include tuscan sienna, aged iron, yard stone, bronze patina, trevia greystone, ivory, and any of the nine Relic variants.

. For people who wish to brighten up their courtyards, there’s the Falling Diamonds Corner. A 637-pound piece of architecture, the Falling Diamonds Corner looks like it came straight out of the Middle Ages, with a waterfall and spillovers produced from its looming arch. The Falling Diamonds Corner is offered in 21 surfaces.

. Fathom’s most recent line likewise includes choices that are a lot cheaper. Sporting an antique white or oiled bronze finish, the 2 Tier Solar Fountainwhich goes for around $ 300is best for a patio, deck, yard or balcony. It has a peak water capability of 2.5 gallons, and runs with either solar or battery technology. There’s also the four-tier cascading ceramic fountain, which has a swirl design which includes recycling water from the main bowl tank. Clients can choose between a lime green, green swirl or rustic blue surface; and they cost around $ 170. Smaller options are available with a pair of bowl-shaped glazed ceramic fountains. Each feature water pouring down to the bowl from a frog’s mouth. Readily available in blue or green, customers can acquire the Ceramic Frog Solar Fountain for around $ 120.

. About Fathom Fountains: . Fathom Fountains is a producer and seller of custom-made indoor and outdoor fountains. Clients can select from a range of designs or products, that include acrylic, copper, indoor slate, and steel. Fathom likewise offers the experts who set up the fountains at the designated areas or rooms. The company is headquartered at 13038 Fourth Street, Santa Fe, TX 77510. To read more or to position an order, Fathom can be reached by dialing 1-855-4-FOUNTAINS (1-855-436-8682).


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