Outwater Introduces its Aluminum Panel Clips for Cabinets, Wall Panels, Partitions, Signage and Frames

Bogota, NJ (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Don’t get hung up hanging cabinets, wall panels, partitions, signs or frames. Traditional, dated hanging approaches are now a distant memory with Outwaters [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] recently introduced Aluminum Panel Clips, the quickest, most convenient and most cost reliable means for hanging anything you hate to hang.

. With the present trend of bathroom floor cabinets and their once integrated sinks having actually gained independence from one another has not just inspired new cabinet fashions making up contemporary standalone sinks and floating cabinets, it is now likewise the reason for many headaches for builders, contractors and renovators, who need to now use up extra time and effort to completely and firmly fasten these large, heavy structures to the walls in which they are planned to be mounted. Not remarkably, the exact same mounting difficulties also are true for wall panels, partitions, signage and frames, all of which can be extremely difficult to affix too.

. Prior to the intro of Outwaters brand-new line of Aluminum Panel Clips, hanging cabinets, wall panels, partitions, signs and frames utilized to be rather an ungainly, time consuming and labor extensive duty. Initially, contractors, professionals and renovators needed to draw exacting, horizontal lines to function as a template followed by their then having actually needed to drive long screws into studs or mount a ledger board on which to briefly rest these big, awkward products for support during installment. Items would then be screwed into the studs or secured to supports in numerous areas and afterwards shimmed for leveling or filling spaces if required. In using this obsolete technique, required experience was a given, in that without it, there was always some possibility of encountering unforeseen stumbling blocks.

. Nevertheless, Outwaters Aluminum Panel Clips enable quick and simple installations with labor and general cost savings lowered by as much as 50 %. Builders, service providers and renovators now just have to attach the upper part of the Aluminum Panel Clip to the back of the challenge be hung and the lower Aluminum Panel Clip to the mounting surface area to prepare the item for setup. Cabinets, wall panels, partitions, indications and frames can now be firmly and solidly fastened in just minutes utilizing Outwaters Aluminum Panel Clips, which link and lock together by merely lowering the upper Aluminum Panel Clip that has actually been connected to the challenge be hung into the groove of the lower Aluminum Panel Clip that has actually been attached to the desired mounting surface. In addition, unlike common hanging techniques, which are inherently long-term, Outwaters Aluminum Panel Clips readily allow products to be demounted as needed.

. Outwaters Aluminum Panel Clips are equipped in mill finished, extruded aluminum 4-ft., 8-ft. and 12-ft. lengths and precut 1-1/2-in., 2-in. and 2-1/2-in. pieces both with and without predrilled holes (Holes are 3/16-in. diameter and accommodate # 10 screws) in eight various profiles, allowing set up items to rest flush versus any mounting surface area.

. Outwater also offers a little, convenient, affordable acrylic Bubble Level that can be used for leveling Outwaters Aluminum Panel Clips on any horizontal surface.

. For more product details, please click the enclosed link:

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. About Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC]: Outwater can be gotten in touch with Toll Free at 1-800-631-8375 (For sales and item info in the UNITED STATE & & Canada) / 1-201-498-8750 (For sales and item info outside of the UNITED STATE & & Canada) or seen online at http://www.outwater.com

. From the supplier of a single item in August 1972, Outwater, with sales and circulation centers in New Jersey and Arizona, is acknowledged today as a well established international manufacturer and equipping distributor of even more than 65,000 requirement and ingenious component items needed by woodworkers, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, contractors, remodelers, designers, designers, point-of-purchase and display fixturing manufacturers, OEM’s, as well as a varied variety of various other industrial and retail end users.

. Significant Product Categories consist of Plastic & & Aluminum Extrusions; Lighting and Lighting Add-on; Furniture, Cabinet & & Store Fixture Elements; Knobs & & Pulls; Casters; Fasteners; Laminates; The FOGA Exhibit & & Display Buckling System; The Klem Connector; Literature Displays; Slatwall; Indication Holders; P.O.P Elements; Display Motors & & Turntables; Pedestals; Injection Molded Components; Brass Tubing & & Fittings; Surfacing Materials; Interior & & Exterior Polymer & & Wood Architectural Mouldings & & Millwork; ORAC DESIGN and DEM Architectural Mouldings & & Millwork; Columns & & Capitals; Balustrading; Wrought Iron Elements; Decorative Stamped Steel & & Polymer Ceiling Panels; Wainscoting; Wall Coverings; Fireplace Surrounds; Plastic “Glass” Block; Duration & & Contemporary Hardware; Kitchen area & & Bath Add-on; Kitchen area & & Bath Cabinets and Vanities therefore a lot more!


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