Introducing a Pool Package to Turn a Hotels Largest Expenditure Into the Most Profitable Asset

Coventry, RI (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

Neptune Benson, a leading manufacturer of commercial pool filtering systems, UV disinfection systems, and aquatics parts, has actually assembled a hotel and resort swimming pool package that will boost your bottom line.

. Assurance with a repayment. . 90 % less water & & waste
. 30 % less fuels & & chemicals .
75 % less space . 50 % less electrical power

The award-winning Protector Regenerative media filter eliminates bits to 1 micron or less. When teamed up with the Neptune Benson ETS-Ultraviolet Disinfection system, water quality reaches a whole brand-new level of cleanliness. In addition, the ETS-UV likewise lowers chloramines which commonly produce that unpleasant chlorine smell in the air of many properties.

. Benefits for your visitors include: . Safer Water . Superior air quality get rid of that chlorine scent . No more red eye and skin inflammations from excessive chlorine . Get rid of the downtime needed to close the swimming pool for shock therapies . Crystal clear water

For any setup of the hotel or resort size, water savings are a big factor to consider; it is vital to use a water conserving gadget. The Defender Regenerative Media Filter removes over 90 % of the backwash water connected with sand filter operation. The remarkable decrease of backwash waste directly means savings in chemicals and fuels for reheating linked with make-up water.

. Contact Neptune Benson at aquatopia(at)neptunebenson(dot)com for a sales brochure that will describe exactly how.

. About Neptune Benson . Considering that 1956 Neptune Benson has been associated with water filtration serving the aquatics, commercial and community markets. Showcasing award-winning brand names such as the Protector regenerative media filter and the ETS-UV ultraviolet disinfection system; Neptune Benson likewise offers Heritage sand filters, the AEGIS anti-entrapment guard, moveable bulkheads, Dominion butterfly valves, Guardian strainers, greendriveVFD systems, in addition to all Lawson Aquatics accessory products. Purity Unrivaled

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Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2013

ReZolt Corporation today launched the WiTrak(TM) tracker with WiBuoy Innovation to satisfy the special requirements of the multimodal passive asset management market.

. WiTrak, utilizing ReZolts exclusive long-life wireless beaconing WiBuoy Technology, is developed to track discrete passive possessions such as shipping containers, truck trailers, railcars and heavy field equipment. Made to operate on batteries for a number of years, it incorporates GPS for location, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi for network connection, and an optional 433 MHz interface for external sensors including an electronic lock.

. Multimodal Passive Possession Management or M-PAM is the next frontier in M2M with tens of millions of passive possessions trying to find an option. Multimodal in M-PAM goes beyond the mode of transport. Modes likewise consist of different property states such as moving or stationery, secured or open, and sensor states connected to temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. ReZolt is the leading solution company for M-PAM with WiTrack and WiBuoy Technology.

. Passive possessions, including shipping containers, truck trailers, railcars and heavy equipment in construction, farming, forestry and oil and gas are generally unpowered, unobservable and unmanaged, and present one-of-a-kind challenges for tracking their location and condition. Monitoring and management technology should be self-powered and withstand severe ecological conditions. To decrease service costs, tracking technology must offer battery life exceeding a year and itself be from another location managed, preserved and upgraded.

. WiBuoy Innovation includes fine-grained, programmable power management that integrates and optimizes complicated behavior of a number of hardware and software elements consisting of interaction gadgets, sensors, processors and batteries. This innovation is embedded in WiTrak through ReZolt MultiComms(TM) Software application. ReZolt likewise offers custom variations of the WiTrak gadget with ReZolt FirstM(TM) Solutions.

. Fleet management items installed inside the cabin of a car are not suitable for M-PAM, as they require constant DC power (not multimodal). Passive tagging innovations can not provide near-continuous monitoring and require the deployment of an external infrastructure along the whole trail of the property.

. WiTrak includes an easy-to-implement and adjustable user interface to a cloud server. It is instantly readily available with Nexus Cloud Service from ReZolt partner Seecontrol, Inc.

. We are happy to work with ReZolt and utilize the WiTrak gadget with WiBuoy Innovation to build Container Monitoring Solutions” said Parthesh Shastri, VP Marketing at SeeControl, Inc.” WiTrak from ReZolt provides a functional platform that enables us to easily integrate into and build applications tailored to individual requirements.

. WiBuoy Technology as the first M-PAM option addresses distinct troubles related to tracking passive properties with long battery life and a wireless sensor interface, stated Vijay Parmar, Head of state and CEO of ReZolt Corporation. System integrators in shipping, logistics and transport now have access to an end-to-end M-PAM solution that would allow them to decrease operating expense, increase operational efficiency and revenue.

. WiTrak Characteristics: . GPS-based location monitoring capability . GSM/GPRS for extremely readily available network connection (roadmap to CDMA and 3G) . Wi-Fi for reduced power and low cost network connectivity . Temperature level sensor . Accelerometer made use of to sense movement and shock . Battery-powered with external power choice . ReZolt MultiComms Software application allows fast development of customized applications . Ruggedized IP-67 compliant enclosures for the main system and the antenna unit . Optional 433 MHz interface for external sensors

Accessibility . WiTrak is available now for field trials and prototyping with manufacturing in early 2013.

. About ReZolt . ReZolt Corporation offers solutions to rapidly deploy M2M/IoT connectivity to handle passive assets and their contents. ReZolt technology enables reduced power, multi-protocol, multi-sensor wireless connection for Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine interactions. Our solutions allow fast and cost-effective product development and deployment of wise gadgets in logistics, transportation, clinical gadgets, and industrial/building automation. . ReZolt is based in Sunnyvale, California.

. Media Contact: . +1 408-647-3399 . info(at)ReZolt(dot)com


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