Pearson Announces Winners of Student Coding Contest

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Although programming tasks are growing at double the pace of other jobs, computer programs is not even provided in 90 percent of U.S. schools, according to To help enhance the awareness of the value of programs education, in 2013, undergraduates from around the U.S. came together to commemorate their vision for how to assist others learn and compete in Pearsons Student Coding Contest. Judges saw as each contestant made a case for each of their apps. They then gathered to discuss the benefits of each application and returned with the results.

. To view a short video of the students who got involved in the Pearson Student Coding Contest, visit . Pearsons Strategic Advertising Manager, Greater Education, Yez Alayan, stated: . Just two percent of students in the U.S. are presently studying

computer system programming. If we triple that to six percent, we ‘d close the gap between students and jobs, driving$ 500 billion in economic value to our nation. We need to greatly increase the variety of students exposed to activitying education, and we have to start today. . The students who won the Pearson coding contest were rewarded with cash for their creative applications that could greatly improve student learning and success. . . Top place $ 10,000: Mike Purvis, University of Hawaii, Hilo . o Module to integrate with Pearson course material with existing university websites . o . 2nd location $ 5,000: Wilson Johnson, University of Texas, Dallas . o Education and social media all in one on your mobile gadget .

o . Third place$ 1,000: Tracy Oguni, University of

Texas, Arlington . o Study Pal, an Android application to assist students handle the usual trouble of
scheduling their projects and research time . o . The panel of external judges brings a wealth of education technology experience. The 6 judges picked the final three winners. They all hail from diverse backgrounds and have a vital eye for exactly what helps enhance both teaching and learning. . Rutgers University: Rick Novack, Associate Vice President, Continuing Education & Distance Learning . Iowa Community College Online Consortium: Ann M. Jenkins, Instructional Design and

Training Professional . Universal Technical Institute: Bryce H. Peterson, Senior citizen Vice President, Details Technology . Texas Christian College: Romy Hughes, Associate Director & LMS Director .
Education Management Corporation: Scott Gasper, Course Management Systems IT Manager Education Management Corporations Course Management Systems IT Manager, Scott Gasper, said: The Pearson student coding contest was an excellent example of empowering today’s youth to go beyond their comfort area and build cutting-edge options for the improvement of others. The students who got involved found out lifelong lessons about innovation, dealing with others and how to work under a timeline, all crucial for the youth of our world to understand as they enter the workforce. . To sign up with the discussion around coding on Twitter, use # AlwaysCoding. . Last December, Pearson took part in the Hour of Code project, an unprecedented initiative to assist 10 million students and grownups learn computer shows during Computer Science Education Week, December 9-13.

The project was led by and was designed to demystify computer science and call attention to the benefits of learning this foundational skill. . About Pearson . Pearson is the world’s leading discovering business, with 40,000 staff members in even more than 80 nations working to help individuals of any ages to make measurable development in their lives with knowing. For more information about Pearson, see . Media Contact :

Stacy Skelly, stacy. skelly(at)pearson(dot )com . . . . . Even more Building Press Releases

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