Study: State Value-Added Performance Measures Do Not Reflect the Content or Quality of Teachers Instruction

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

New research released online today in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA), a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Study Association, discovers weak to nonexistent relationships between state-administered value-added design (VAM) procedures of educator performance and the content or quality of educators instruction. Based upon their outcomes, the authors question whether VAM data will be useful in evaluating instructor efficiency and shaping classroom guideline.

. VIDEO: Co-author Morgan S. Polikoff goes over crucial searchings for

. Training Alignment as a Procedure of Teaching Quality, by Morgan S. Polikoff at the College of Southern California and Andrew C. Porter at the University of Pennsylvania, also finds no association between multiple-measure teaching effectiveness ratingswhich incorporate value-added measures with study and observational ratings of instructor qualityand the content of educators direction in the classroom.

. While value-added procedures do supply some useful info, our searchings for reveal that they are not choosing up the things we think of as being excellent teaching, stated Polikoff. Provided the growing degree to which states are utilizing these procedures for a large selection of decisions, our findings are troubling.

. Polikoff and Porters research study is the very first massive analysis of the relationship of instructional positioning (i.e., the degree to which the content of class direction is aligned with state standards and assessments, such as the Usual Core requirements) and teaching effectiveness with instructor VAM ratings and a composite step of educator efficiency.

. The authors investigated these relations based upon a subsample of 327 4th- and eighth-grade mathematics and English language arts instructors across all 6 school districts included in the Steps of Effective Teaching (MET) research study, including New York City, Dallas, Denver, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Memphis, and Hillsborough County, Florida.

. We anticipated to see that direction lined up with state requirements and assessments would highly predict value-added teaching performance measures on those evaluations, but that wasnt the case, stated Polikoff.

. Recent policy efforts such as the Race to the Top Fund and No Child Left waivers have actually developed a push to enhance the approaches by which educators are evaluated. Many of these techniques focus on instructors contributions to student learning, commonly measured by value-added models and multiple-measure examination systems.

. With the rollout of Typical Core State Standards, according to Polikoff, the development of a deeper understanding of the methods reliable educators carry out the requirements in the classroom is essential.

. Our results recommend that its willing to be hard to make use of these systems to improve educator efficiency, stated Polikoff.

. Their findings, the authors kept in mind, lead to a perturbing question: If VAMs are not meaningfully related to either the material or quality of guideline, what are they determining?

. Financing Note . Polikoff and Porters research was supported by a grant from the Expense and Melinda Gates Foundation.

. About the Authors . Morgan S. Polikoff is an assistant professor of education at the Rossier School of Education, College of Southern California.

. Andrew C. Porter is dean and professor of education at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania.


About AERA . The American Educational Study Association (AERA) is the largest nationwide expert organization dedicated to the clinical research study of education. Founded in 1916, AERA advances understanding about education, encourages scholarly inquiry associated with education, and promotes the use of study to improve education and serve the public good. Find AERA on Facebookand Twitter.

. This information release is available online.

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Winter Home Buyers Back in Full Swing during Scottsdale, Arizonas Spring Training and Golf Season

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

The Russ Lyon Sothebys International Realty company has obtained the knowledge and skills of representatives Kelli Richardson, Betsey Birakos, and Rick Swindell. The trio has a combined 15 years of experience working in the Phoenix Real Estate market in addition to its surrounding locations. Phoenix has actually become one of the nations most popular destinations for individuals to leave the cold months of the winter and take pleasure in the eternal sunshine. It likewise hosts the MLBs Cactus League Spring Training Games, PGA Golf Tournaments, and Barrett Jackson Car Auction at the start of each year.

. The group that launched the site more than 2 years ago have actually become familiar with seeing an increase of property buyers during this time and this year has actually up until now been no exception. In anticipation of the annual influx of winter house purchasers to the location, Scottsdale alone has actually seen an increase of nearly 500 houses on the market in contrast to just one month ago. The purchasers who are saavy adequate to take advantage of the increase in inventory throughout the winter home buying season are getting a much better option of inventory to see and purchase from in addition to having even more power at the negotiating table, Kelli Richardson shares.

. The agents have actually identified an one-of-a-kind need that other Realty agents and their websites have actually not had the ability to adequately take care of. Gated is a great choice for the huge amount of winter season home buyers who come below to our winter season t-shirt weather from Canada and other places to enjoy our nearly 150 golf links and world-class resorts. Gated permits for an extra layer of security for people who only occupy their houses part-time, Swindell remarks. For purchasers who desire a little bit more, there is the accessibility of on-site-guard gated neighborhoods also.

. Catering mostly to Canadian and various other out-of-state clients, Richardson, Birakos and Swindell welcome a narrowed focus on this niche market in the Valley of the Sun and Scottsdale. While Scottsdale, AZ is a hotspot for snowbirds, the agents likewise find themselves crossing into other areas of the valley for purchasers who are looking for comparable amenities in different cost arrays. This is also why picking a winter home specialist can be important for buyers who aren’t familiar with what locations best suit their budget. “I actually delight in dealing with the snowbirds purchasing in Arizona. There is an extra level of enjoyment on their end understanding theyll soon be enjoying our stunning winter seasons and I discover it actually enjoyable to explore all of the various areas and neighborhoods together, Richardson adds.

. Another excellent feature of is the concentrate on leisure chances and neighborhood-specific features. Visitors to the website will have an easy time sorting houses for sale by the facilities that each community offers. Due to carefully prepared neighborhood designs, some areas are slated as golf communities while others boast personal lakes offering attractive views and recreational boating and fishing. For the Canadian or American house purchaser who wish to limit potential homes in this way, the representatives website has actually been a very handy tool.

. About AZ Gated Residences

. Providing a combined 15 years of experience in the high end Realty business, Kelli Richardson, Betsey Birakos, and Rick Swindell have joined forces under the heading of Associated with Luxury Real Estate brokerage Russ Lyon Sothebys International Realty, the trio is the regional authority for gated and guarded properties along with vacant lots. Contact them by dialing 480-320-8246 or visit their internet site at . . .

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Growth Continues at Gate Precast With New Hire in Southwest Sales and Marketing Division

Hillsboro, TX (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

Gate Precast, a leader in the design and manufacturing of precast concrete systems, is pleased to reveal its recent hire of Jerry Duncan, who joins the Southwest Division Sales and Advertising group.

. Duncan will cover markets in Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas. He will deal with designers and specialists in the earliest theoretical stages of design through conclusion.

. He has over 23 years experience in precast concrete construction management overseeing operations, engineering, sales and job management. Prior to signing up with Gate Precast, he most just recently served as Operations Manager/VP of Workflow for Tulsa Dynaspan Inc. in Broken Arrow, OK.

. Duncan has dealt with a broad array of architectural and structural precast projects including industrial, academic, stadiums, multi-family, hotels and resort and parking structures. He is a PCI Certified Auditor and has actually made OSHA 10 accreditation.

. With an extensive experience in management, operations, sales and company development in the precast industry, Duncans proficiency will expand Gate Precasts design-assist relations with current and potential clients in the Southwest, says Jim Lewis, Gate Precast Director of Architectural Systems.

. For added info on Gate Precast Company and its design-assist abilities, check out or call 888-470-3450 to locate an architectural precast design specialist in your area.

. More About Gate: . Gate Precast Business is a subsidiary of Gate Oil Company, a privately-held diversified corporation headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Gate Precast has ended up being one of the biggest and most varied precast concrete producers in the United States with 8 manufacturing centers and is known for its design-assist collaboration with design teams. Annually, the company is acknowledged as a top subcontractor by Engineering Information Record Magazine and wins Best-in-Class PCI Design Awards for a large range of jobs. To read more, please browse through . . .

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Dahn Yoga Monthly Health Series Focuses on Myeongmun Meridian Point for Strengthening Life Force

Gilbert, AZ (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Dahn Yoga creator, Ilchi Lee developed a mind body training system integrating facets of Oriental Medication, including meridians and meridian points. Dahn Yoga & & Wellness Centers, Inc., a national leader in wellness and wellness, continues this custom and offer greater understanding of the bodys 365 meridian points in their monthly health series.

. The December 2013 concern of Dahn Yoga Life shares how the meridian point, Myeongmun can be boosted for higher health and vigor. Touching on exactly how and why this meridian point can have a substantial effect on kidney health, the post relates the energy concept of Water Up, Fire Down, which it specifies, is the main to ideal energy balance in our bodies.

. Through in-depth written description and picture revealing the physical area of this crucial meridian point, the article Myeongmun: Gate of Life, in the Dahn Yoga wellness series provides guidelines on performing 3 training methods to open and strengthen the Myeongmun; Activate this vital energy indicate reinforce your life force and enhance internal body organ wellness.

. For those thinking about discovering more about meridian points, back issues of Dahn Yoga Life, including previous posts in the series, are available online. Site visitors to the site can enroll in complimentary newsletter updates and details on Dahn Yoga advantages and the Dahn Yoga area.

. About Dahn Yoga: . A nationwide leader in health and health, Dahn Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea that incorporates stretching, streaming movement, deep breathing exercises and reflection in an easy and simple to learn format that focuses on the development of the bodys core strength as the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Dahn Yoga practice includes an unique emphasis on the brain as the determiner of health and wellness and classes could consist of brain workouts that challenge and sharpen the mind and assistance practitioners establish greater awareness and level of sensitivity to the wellness of their bodies


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Fixingfox Home Theater Installers Announces: Cheap Rates for Home Theater Installations Until the Super Bowl

Rochester, New york city (PRWEB) December 13, 2013

Fixingfox House Theater Setup team has chosen that they will drop rates of their installation services until the Super Bowl. “We understand lots of people took advantage of wonderful deals purchasing HDTVs and surround sound systems during Black Friday and we are right here to help them install them”. mentions Peter Jason, manager of Fixingfox home theater installation team.

. Throughout Black Friday all the way to the Super Bowl is when tv and sound equipment reaches the cheapest rate of the year. These unique offers are true many electronics companies and most of their contemporary home products. A few of these may include however are not limited to, 5.1 Surround Sound Systems, 7.1 Surround Sound Systems, Plasma HDTV, LED television sets, LCD television sets as well as brand-new equipment available on the marketplace such as 4K Television, Apple TV and a lot more.

. Fixingfox professionals are local and easily found at their Monroe Opportunity shop place right in the heart of the historical Town of Pittsford. Despite the fact that they are located in Pittsford NY, they offer their services to many areas around the area such as Rochester, Brighton, Mendon, Victor, Penfield, Webster, Chili, Gates, Churchville, Rush, Fairport, Perinton and lots of various other towns located around the Monroe County, NY area.

. The house theater installment team works by scheduling an appointment to evaluate what should be done. Fixingfox in Pittsford all kinds of house theater installs in the Rochester by concealing cable televisions, running cable televisions through walls, setting speaker mounds on walls, equalizing surround sound systems, setting up house theater systems, mounting HDTVs to the wall, or over a fire location and much more. The team is a combination of specialists of computer science background and contracting background too.

.”We are providing this unique offer for one major reason, we believe if you are currently getting a deal buying house theater devices for a reduced rate, we wish to offer lower costs for the installations as well” says Peter Jason. It is definitely a task for experts to manage. The equipment is incredibly vulnerable and installing it correctly is no easy task. The last thing anyone wishes to see, is a bad installation where wires are hanging all over the living room and having guests locating wires. A well done task is one where the home theater not just looks clean after the installment but one that seems great and looks wonderful too.

. Fixingfox enjoys to work straight with the home owner to hear precisely what they want from the job and will sit with the homeowner or the household to develop a custom setup that is right for everyone without spending too much money. A well set up house theater could also raise the value of our home once is sold since despite the fact that the original house owner might move all the devices away, the installation will remain and a brand-new HTDV and surround sound could quickly be installed by making use of all the brackets and mounds previously set up.

. So if you are preparing to have a Super Bowl party, see to it you do it right and have your equipment properly installed. It could make a difference in between something that works and everyone liking the experience to a system breaking down when the big game is on. Fixingfox technicians are always one call away and they are readily available one phone call away.


. .

Local Media Association and BIA/Kelseys Digital Agency Summit to Showcase Best Practices of Digital Agencies Owned by Local Media Companies

Chantilly, VA and Traverse City, MI (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

Neighborhood Media Association and BIA/Kelsey are gathering leading digital media and marketing leaders at The Digital Firm Top, Nov. 6-7, in Chicago, to analyze the most current business models, technological developments and adoption trends in digital firm solutions for little and medium-sized local media companies. The program will focus on the very best practices that are changing how regional media business utilize digital companies.

. Featured speakers consist of: .
. Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA/Kelsey . Jed Williams, VP, Consulting and Elder Analyst, BIA/Kelsey . Mark Poss, Red Wing Publishing/Big Fish Digital . Emily Walsh, Observer Digital Media . Will Scott, CEO, Search Influence . Gregg Walls, Vice President, Reseller Channel, LocalEdge . Peter Newton, President, GateHouse Ventures/Propel Advertising . Amie Stein, Director of Training & & Development, Local Media Association . Garrett McClure, National VP of Affiliate Partnerships, Centro . Shannon Kinney, Creator, Client Success Policeman, Dream Neighborhood Digital . Brendan King, CEO, VendAsta . Chris Marentis, CEO, Surefire Social . Steve Weaver, CEO, Growth Weaver . Trevor Sumner, President, LocalVox . Ruth Presslaff, Founder, Presslaff Interactive Revenue

The next twelve to eighteen months will determine the digital agency chance, and the duty local media and commerce gamers will have in it, stated Rick Ducey, handling director for BIA/Kelsey. Advertisers want to handle less sales representatives while likewise having access to effective cross-platform and incorporated options for their campaigns. This conference is incredibly timely, and we are excited to be producing it with LMA.

. Digital firms are producing brand-new and profitable revenue streams for neighborhood media business of all sizes, said Nancy Lane, head of state, Neighborhood Media Organization. This two-day summit will offer important programming on the best opportunity locations and consist of analysis of emerging opportunities like native marketing and blog post advertising. Anyone who runs a digital agency or is considering it will want to attend this one-of-a-kind event. We are also delighted to have BIA/Kelsey as our partner this year.

. Digital Firm Top session highlights include:

. Digital Company Outlook for 2014 . Video Advertising – Financially rewarding Item Providing . Targeting Franchise business . Native Advertising – A Hot New Trend . Case Studies: Staffing, Structure, Training & & Measuring Results . BIA/Kelsey Projections for Digital Firm Categories for 2014 and Beyond . Using an Inside Sales Group to Offer Lower Price Point Plans . Roundtables: Monetizing Social, Tripling Your Search Profits and Even more . Why Employment Ought to Be Part of Your Digital Firm Offerings . Leverage LinkedIn, Twitter and Even more . Centro Affiliate Program for Digital Agencies

Event sponsors consist of PaperG and Affinity Express.

. For more details about the Digital Agency Top, consisting of the complete agenda and list of speakers, go to

. About BIA/Kelsey . BIA/Kelsey advises business in the regional media space with consulting and assessment services, research and forecasts, Custom Advisory Services and conferences. Because 1983 BIA/Kelsey has actually been a resource to the media, mobile marketing, telecoms, Telephone directory and electronic directory markets, along with to government firms, law companies and investment business looking to understand trends and income drivers. BIA/Kelseys yearly conferences draw executives from throughout markets seeking specialist guidance on how business are discovering cutting-edge ways to grow. Additional info is offered at, on the companys Neighborhood Media Watch blog, Twitter ( and Facebook (

. About Neighborhood Media Association . Regional Media Association is a successful and ingenious association that serves more than 2,200 papers and their relevant digital items in the UNITED STATE and Canada. LMA assists neighborhood media companies with the digital transition by means of sophisticated programs, conferences, webinars, study and even more. LMA also provides 2 programs to the entire local media market: the Sales Certification Program and Google Ad-Words Accreditation Training. In addition, the LMAs Local Media Advancement Partnership provides regular monthly case studies on arising trends, brand-new business models and digital income development. Additional information is offered at . . .

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Zion Lodge in Zion National Park to Reopen Saturday October 12

Zion National Park, UT (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

Zion Lodge in Utahs Zion National forest will begin over Sunday, Oct. 12 when the park itself resumes operations.

. The State of Utah is providing funds to the National Park Service for park staffing.

. We are very delighted that we will be back on the task Sunday, said Daisy Hobbs, basic manager of the lodge. Existing reservations starting tomorrow are still legitimate, however we do have lots of accessibility for last-minute guests.

. Site visitors wanting to make a same-day booking might call the lodge straight at 1-435-772-7700. The lodge will likewise have personnel in the National forest Service visitor center who can accommodate walk-in requests.

. The shuttle in Zion Canyon will be operating, but confirmed visitors could drive to the lodge by showing a pass at the gate. Guests holding existing reservations have actually currently received their passes in the mail. Last-minute visitors will be released a pass at the visitor center.

. Zion Lodge is operated by Xanterra Parks & & Resorts. Advance reservations could be made online at or by calling 1-303-29-PARKS (1-303-297-2757) or toll-free at 1-888-29-PARKS (1-888-297-2757).

. The lodges Red Rock Grill will open Sunday at 7 a.m. for morning meal, and the Castle Dome Caf will open at 10:30 a.m. for lunch. Both foodservice centers will run at their typical hours.

. Because lodge spaces and cabins are unoccupied, guests arriving on Saturday will have the ability to check in throughout the day and not wait till the normal 4 p.m. check-in time.

. Zion Lodge offers 82 spaces, 40 cabins, a bistro, and cafe and gift company.

. Zion National Park is preferred in October with comfortable temperature levels and leaves changing colors. Photographers are especially keen on the park at this time of year.

. The park is renowned for its sightseeing and hiking and is open year round. Zion National Parks world-class trips include The Narrows up the Virgin River and Emerald Pools not far from Zion Lodge. The go up to Angels Landing features switchbacks called Walters Wiggles, and the last half-mile section of the hike is truly a white knuckler. In all, there are some 200 miles of picturesque trails in Zion National forest.

. Various other exciting tasks at Zion include climbing, backpacking, canyoneering and bird watching. Zion Canyon and the rest of the park are also renowned for their structure and light that appeal to photographers of every level.


– . Known for its Legendary Hospitality with a Softer Footprint, Xanterra Parks & & Resorts entities include lodges, restaurants, trips and tasks in national and state parks and resorts along with a cruise line, railway and tour driver. Xanterra Parks & & Resorts has operations in the Grand Canyon, including Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, Ariz., and The Grand Hotels and resort in Tusayan, Ariz.; Yellowstone; Zion; Crater Lake; Glacier, Rocky Mountain and Petrified Forest National Parks; Mount Rushmore National Memorial; Heating system Creek Resort in Death Valley National Park and 5 Ohio State Park Lodges along with the Geneva Marina at Ohios Geneva State Park. Xanterra Parks & & Resorts also runs Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va., Windstar Cruises, VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations and Austin Adventures.

. Xanterra Parks & & Resorts

. 6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle . Suite 600 North . Greenwood Town, CO 80111

. Media contact: . Mesereau Public Relations . 1-720-842-5271 . mona(at)mesereaupr(dot)com . tom(at)mesereaupr(dot)com


. .

Bidders to Name Their Own Price on Allen K. Breed Estates Breathtaking 101-Acre New England Mountain Retreat at October 16th Absolute Auction

Landgrove, VT (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

The estate of Allen K. Type, the developer of airbag innovation for cars, is following an expanding trend in the luxury real estate market by reaching to a worldwide network of genuine estate purchasers and permitting the marketplace to set the price of its five-bedroom, seven-bathroom luxury mountain estate nestled in the quaint villages of Vermonts famous Green Mountains through auction. As the economy is revealing tentative signs of recuperation, the luxury realty market continues to separate itself from the basic real estate market with high total assets people investing in luxury properties worldwide and stocks of premier residential properties showing a steady decline. The 101-acre mountain refuge with an indoor pool, awesome views, and access to world-class skiing consisting of the Olympian-producing Stratton Mountain Institution, golf and shopping will be offered by Grand Estates Auction Business on Wednesday, October 16th at 2:00 p.m.

. The luxury real estate market is following a various and more rapid recovery than the basic real estate marketplace, stated Stacy Kirk Reich, president of Charlotte-based Grand Estates Auction Company. The owners of this Vermont mountain estate are encouraged sellers who comprehend that the live auction procedure attracts an international market while establishing reasonable market price in its purest and quickest form. This is a wonderful property in a very desirable place, and on October 16th, purchasers can call their price on this truly amazing residential property.

. The exclusive, gated estate features a New England-style major home with sensational post-and-beam building located in the hillside off a peaceful nation lane that is the best setup for both amusing or avoiding it all with the household. Architectural details consist of 6 wood-burning fireplaces, expansive photo windows, curved and beamed ceilings, and an atrium with spectacular views of Stratton and Magic Mountains. The totally equipped gourmet kitchen area includes a six-burner double oven Wolf variety with warming drawer, Sub-Zero refrigerator, Bosch dishwashers, wine cooler and more. Special facilities include a separate recording studio and caretakers system. For the sports lovers the home includes a tennis court, basketball court, indoor swimming pool, racquetball court, and expansive lawns. Advanced systems consist of eco-friendly geothermal heating and complete protection system.

. The estate is conveniently located simply a brief drive from the historic Vermont villages of Landgrove, Weston, and the unique buying district in neighboring Manchester. Live theater at the Weston Playhouse, antiquing, and songs celebrations are among the myriad of cultural activities readily available in these traditional New England towns. The home is minutes from the world-class skiing of Stratton Mountain, Bromley and Magic Mountain, Strattons High cliff Drysdale tennis academy, the areas finest golf links, and The Long Path, for the hiking and nature enthusiasts. Nearby Stratton Mountain Institution is renowned for producing more than 36 Olympians including two gold medalists, one silver medalist and one bronze medalist.

. Grand Estates Auction Company specializes in developing extensive global advertising campaigns for luxury homes and offering those properties to the greatest bidder at auction. There are no contingencies, no prolonged arrangements, and timelines for closing are currently established. To help purchasers make an informed acquisition, a comprehensive due-diligence packet is offered, and ample time is set aside for tours and examinations prior to the auction. Just like unusual art work that does not have equivalent pieces to set the value, extraordinary properties such as this are well matched for auction, where bidders set the market value.

. The auction will start promptly at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 16th. Arrangements for remote bidding can be organized. The home will be offered for potential bidders to sneak peek beginning Saturday, October 12th, at 12:00 p.m., with day-to-day preview times arranged with the date of the auction. Buyers might get in touch with Grand Estates Auction Companys auction information office to set up a consultation throughout among the sneak peek times at 877-376-9560. A $ 100,000.00 certified check or individual check in addition to a bank letter of assurance will be required to sign up to bid. Realty agents and brokers are totally shielded and encouraged to take part.

. Grand Estates Auction Company is the leader in the niche market of auctioning luxury realty, focusing on residential properties valued at $ 1.5 million and above throughout North America and the Caribbean. Established in 1999, the company was the first of its kind. The business is based in Charlotte, N.C. with offices in Aspen, Colo., Atlanta, Denver, Naples, Fla. San Jose, Calif., Savannah, Ga., and Vail, Colo. To find out more and auction information see . Follow us on twitter: . Follow us on facebook:!.?.! .

. . . .

Classic Holidays CEO Ramy Filo awarded Top Honour

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) September 07, 2013

Classic Holidays CEO, Ramy Filo, has been awarded the highest honor in the Australian timeshare industry, being sworn in into the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) Hall of Popularity at an unique ceremony on Wednesday night.

. Devoted to the vacation ownership and timeshare industry, Mr Filo was chosen for the top honor by his market peers following his numerous accomplishments over the last 15 years.

. Beginning as CEO of Classic Holidays in 1999, Mr Filo, a qualified mechanical engineer, worked as Head of state of ATHOC for seven years, and has been the current Vice President because 2010, in addition to the peer-appointed Chairman of the International Partnership of Timeshare Quality (GATE) a position he has held because 2006.

. Ramy is a true leader of the timeshare motion, and is worthy of every honor for his years of devoted service to improving the industry from the ground up, stated Classic Holidays Chief Operating Policeman, Carole Smith.

. He has always led from the front, never ever scared to step into unidentified territory, and ultimately developing higher standards throughout the whole industry not simply here in Australia, but worldwide.

. During his time as President of ATHOC, Mr Filo initiated several positive efforts for the market, such as the first economic impact research into the advantages of timeshare; and he played an important function in the facility of the ATHOC Foundation a not-for-profit company that assists those in requirement of a break from tough situations.

. It was Mr Filos recognition of consumer contentment as the end goal that altered the focus of his own company, instilling a customer-focused ethos he refers to as The Essence of Classic across every location of the business.

. This universal strategy to consumer service has seen Classic Vacations and its affiliated businesses receive numerous nationwide and international distinctions for impressive service. . Im recognized to be sworn in into the ATHOC Hall of Popularity, said Mr Filo. The Australian timeshare market has a lot to provide and Im happy to have actually figured in in its significant development over the past twenty years.

. I have no question well continue the forward energy, with cutting-edge concepts and the devotion to make them occur, with lots of exciting plans in place at Classic Holidays and our entire group of business for the near future.


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